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Did you know that Toronto is divided
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3 big things we learned from this mortgage-industry report

The group representing the Canadian mortgage industry has released its latest semi-annual report that puts the state of lending and borrowing across the country under a microscope. In a hefty 83-page document, Mortgage Professionals Canada taps into data from a variety of sources, from industry groups to national agencies. The most recent semi-annual report is …

Written on Dec 8th at Harvey Kalles

Toronto’s condo market is actually more undersupplied than Vancouver’s, economist suggests

Vancouver policymakers drafted a new–and recently approved–strategy that they say will bring more than 72,000 new homes onto the west coast market within a decade, underscoring a supply crunch in the country’s most expensive real estate market. But recently, one economist suggested by at least one measure, the Toronto housing market is even tighter than …

Written on Dec 4th at Harvey Kalles