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I love the human experience, connecting with people,
And being part of someone's trajectory of change.
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It's not about me.
This is Your process,
Your future, Your journey.
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I work with clients looking for a change agent;
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applying ingenuity and resourcefulness.
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Making a positive difference in your life
and always keeping you at the forefront, Giving you back time so you can be decisive.
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Did you know that Toronto is divided
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3 (relatively) cheap ways to sell your home faster

Homes are staying on the market longer in the Greater Toronto Area, but a popular outdoor design expert suggests sellers shouldn’t despair. Although on average GTA homes sold in March stayed on the market for 20 days, up from the 10 observed during the same month last year, HGTV celebrity designer Carson Arthur says home …

Written on Apr 16th at Harvey Kalles


The Toronto Real Estate Board released its sales data for March, and with 7,228 sales, there were 40% fewer homes sold in the GTA this March than last. However, since we’re looking at two wildly different markets, the year-over-year comparisons are not telling the story of the current market in the GTA. A year ago, …

Written on Apr 10th at Harvey Kalles