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Hi, I’m Loree.
I love the human experience, connecting with people,
And being part of someone's trajectory of change.
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It's not about me.
This is Your process,
Your future, Your journey.
I'm Listening.

I work with clients looking for a change agent;
a real estate partner spotting trends,
applying ingenuity and resourcefulness.
Let's talk.

Making a positive difference in your life
and always keeping you at the forefront, Giving you back time so you can be decisive.
Championing change for the better.

Did you know that Toronto is divided
into more than 40 sub areas?
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Unmasked: The AGO reveals the first look at Brian Jungen’s Archive

By Jacqueline Nunes   From afar, many of Brian Jungen’s sculptures appear to be recognizable as Indigenous artistic and cultural objects: animal masks, feathered headdresses, woven blankets, totem poles and teepees. But a closer look reveals a shockingly untraditional use of materials. The blankets are woven from sports jerseys; the totem poles are assembled out …

Written on Jul 18th at Harvey Kalles

Timeless Design: The key to future-proofing your home

By Richard Wengle, Richard Wengle Architect Inc.   One of the most common concerns raised when meeting clients is that they don’t want their house to look dated in a few years. Rather, they would prefer that guests not be able to identify the period when it was built. From a design perspective, this can …

Written on Jul 18th at Harvey Kalles