Preparing To Sell Your Home

The Selling Process

Sales Process


Selling 101

 Selling your home can be daunting. I’m here to provide you with the best advice and tools to help you sell your home as efficiently and painlessly as possible.

 One of the most important decisions is the selection of a real estate agent. I’m always happy to hear that someone is interviewing; speaking with; or evaluating more then one agent for the role of representing him or her, in fact, I encourage it. Relationship strength is a key ingredient to the process of selling along with the core principles of trust and privacy. As I’ve always said, when you see the right house you’ll know it, this same principle applies when you are looking for an agent. When you meet the right agent, you’ll know it. The right agent will demonstrate enthusiasm, confidence, market success, and hunger to do a great job for you. 

 While it is my job to sell your home, truth told, a team approach with both you and me is essential to our overall success. Once our strategy is created we will work together to achieve the ultimate goal…the best possible price. 


The Agency Relationship

REALTORS® are governed by the legal concept of “agency.” An agent is legally obligated to look after the best interests of the person he or she represents. The agent must be loyal to that person. A real estate brokerage may be your agent—if you have clearly established an agency relationship with that REALTOR® with a representation agreement. But often, you may assume such an
obligation exists when it does not.

REALTORS® believe it is important that the people they work with understand when an agency relationship exists and when it does not—and understand what it means.

In real estate, there are different possible forms of agency relationship:

  1. Seller Representation —When a real estate brokerage represents a seller, it must do what is best for the seller of a property. A written contract, called a listing agreement, creates an agency relationship between the seller and the brokerage and establishes seller representation and explains services the brokerage will provide, the fee arrangement for the REALTOR®’s services and what obligations a seller may have. A seller’s agent must tell the seller anything known about a buyer. Confidences a seller shares with a seller’s agent must be kept confidential from potential buyers and others. Although confidential information about the seller cannot be discussed, a buyer working with a seller’s agent can expect fair, honest service from the seller’s agent and disclosure of pertinent information about the property.
  2. Buyer Representation — A real estate brokerage representing a buyer must do what’s best for the buyer. A written contract, called a buyer representation agreement, creates an agency relationship between the buyer and the brokerage, and establishes buyer representation. It also explains services the brokerage will provide,  fee arrangement for the REALTOR®’s services and what obligations a buyer may have. Typically, buyers will be obliged to work exclusively with that brokerage for a period oftime. Confidences a buyer shares with the buyer’s agent must be kept confidential. Although confidential information about the buyer cannot be disclosed, a seller working with a buyer’s agent can expect fair, honest service.
  3. Multiple Representation —Occasionally a real estate brokerage will represent both the buyer and the seller. The buyer and seller must consent to this arrangement in writing. Under this multiple representation arrangement, the brokerage must do what is best for both the buyer and the seller. Since the brokerage’s loyalty is divided between the buyer and the seller who have conflicting interests, it is absolutely essential that a multiple representation relationship be properly documented. Representation agreements specifically describe the rights and duties of everyone involved and any limitations to those rights and duties.
  4. Customer Service — A real estate brokerage may provide services to buyers and sellers without creating buyer or seller representation. This is called “customer service.” Under this arrangement, the brokerage can provide many valuable services in a fair and honest manner. This relationship can be set out in a buyer or seller customer service agreement. Real estate negotiations are often complex and a brokerage may be providing representation and/ or customer service to more than one seller or buyer. The brokerage will disclose these relationships to each buyer and seller.

Who’s working for you?

It is important that you understand who the REALTOR® is working for. For example, both the seller and the buyer may have their own agent which means they each have a REALTOR® who is representing them. Or, some buyers choose to contact the seller’s agent directly. Under this arrangement the REALTOR® is representing the seller, and must do what is best for the seller, but may provide many valuable customer services to the buyer. A REALTOR® working with a buyer may even be a “sub‐agent” of the seller. Under sub‐agency, both the listing brokerage and the co‐operating brokerage must do what is best for the seller even though the sub‐agent may provide many valuable customer services to the buyer. If the brokerage represents both the seller and the buyer, this is multiple representation.

*This form is for information only and is not a contract. REALTOR is a trademark of REALTOR Canada Inc.



Getting Your Home Ready for Show 

 Homebuyers most often see your home from the MLS as the computer search is typically the starting gate in any home search. These initial images set the tone and determine whether they will get in their car and drive to your home and see it for themselves. Given this initial search criteria the  outside appeal of your home is important. I can recall even with my own personal housing purchases that “drive bys” during those critical contemplative hours is key to that final decision making process.

I’ll start right at the front door by assessing carpets, hardwoods, clutter, appliances, closets, smell, sounds, lighting, paint, windows. Every season needs a certain look and your home will have a look that says, “ Buy Me “ when we are all done. Here is a short list to get you started.

If you follow the guidelines below, you will have an advantage over the competition. It is essential that a home “shows” well, inside and out.

  • Clear all unnecessary objects and furniture throughout your home. Rearrange or remove some of the furniture if the rooms seem full. If your home is clear, prospective buyers will mentally begin to move in their own things.
  • In the kitchen, clean the refrigerator and oven/range. All appliances should look clean, inside and out. Clean and unclutter counters.
  • In the bathroom, clear counters. Repair all faucet leaks. Clean repair grout and caulking.
  • Keep closets organized. Store your valuables out of sight and in a safe place, preferably off‐site.
  • Paint any rooms needing attention.
  • Clean carpeting and drapes, if necessary.
  • Wash windows, inside and out.
  • During day showings, turn on all lights and lamps. If possible, play low, soft music for allshowings.
  • Keep basement clean and organized.
  • Clean and organize garage.
  • Make sure eavestroughs are free of debris and functioning properly.
  • Prune bushes and trees as necessary. Keep plants from blocking windows. Remove dead plants and shrubs.
  • Weed all planting beds. Keep lawn freshly cut and trimmed.
  • Clear patios or decks of items such as barbecues and toys. Store them away.
  • Check on the condition of porches and steps. Repair as necessary.
  • Check the paint condition of your home. Repair as necessary.


The Top 6 Things I Do to Sell Your Home

Staging and Market Preparation
  1. MLS-Use and set up to fullest benefit of Seller, IDX-Listing
  2. Sharing Device for Data Distribution
  3. Marketing, Signs, Brochures, Web, Social Media, Etc
  4. Use of my Professional Photographer, Creation of Feature Sheet & Community Information
  5. Open House and Marketing to Neighbourhood
  6. International Affiliate Marketing (where appropriate)
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