Armour Heights, Toronto

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The area is named after John Armour, a farmer who was granted a concession to the area sometime before 1837. He sold the eastern part of his land to the Hogg brothers in the middle of the nineteenth century, and it later became Hogg's Hollow. The rest of his property remained in the Armour family until just before the First World War when it was purchased by developer and speculator Colonel F.B. Robins. Robbins built a large estate for himself named Strathrobyn, but his development plans were put on hold by the war. He decided to loan out the lands to the military and an air training facility was established. It mostly trained American pilots and among other figures saw Amelia Earhardt work there.

The post-war years saw steady Armour Heights real estate development within the neighbourhood. Armour Heights homes soon replaced all the vacant farmland.

Armour Heights Statitsics

Total Number of Homes Average Income
5970 $162,273