Baby Point, Toronto

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Baby Point is a residential neighbourhood in west end of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

A set of historic stone gates at the intersection of Jane Street and Baby Point Road mark the entrance to the Baby Point enclave, which could be said to be a precursor to modern gated communities. Baby Point is situated on a peninsula of land, or a "point", overlooking the Humber River. It is surrounded by ravines and parkland. Baby Point homes are mostly large fully detached homes. The larger Baby Point homes tend to back onto the Humber Valley ravine and are found along Baby Point Road and Baby Point Crescent, while the smaller homes are found near the Jane Street and Baby Point Road entrance. Most of the Baby Point real estate in the enclave was built in the 1920s and 1930s.

Baby Point Statitsics

Total Number of Homes Average Income
5150 $174,428