South Hill, Toronto

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South Hill is located north of downtown covering the area west of Avenue Road, south of St. Clair Avenue, east of Spadina Road, and north of the Canadian Pacific railway tracks. The area is dominated by the steep hill of the former Lake Iroquois shoreline. The Nordheimer Ravine also cuts through the area, which is surrounded by Winston Churchill Park, this park covers the northwestern portion of South Hill.

The first settlers of York, Upper Canada divided the area that would become South Hill into concession in 1793. One large section South Hill real estate went to Peter Russell and Russell Hill Road continues to run through the centre of the neighbourhood. In the late nineteenth century the area became home to some of the wealthiest citizens of Toronto.

South Hill homes are some of the largest houses in Toronto. Many of the South Hill homes on the crest of the Avenue Road hill have views of downtown Toronto.

South Hill real estate was built between 1890 and 1920. South Hill real estate also contains a number of townhouses that have been built within the last twenty years.

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