Buying a Home

Buying Process 



Buying 101

It’s back to the basics when it comes time to buying a home. Regardless of your home-buying experience and financial status, the process of making a list is fundamental to your success. Find your favorite place to sit and make a list of what you want in your next home. To accomplish this, you must reserve a time with no interruptions, when you feel happy and can dream just a little. You are not creating a “restrictions list” or a “time to be practical list", instead you are asking yourself, "What do I really want?" This includes thinking about ideal locations, how long you plan to live there, what your future goals might be, your family dynamics, your existing furniture, and what size your room and overall home should be.

You may be looking for your first home, trading up to find more space or a better location, or investing in a fixer upper to rent or call home. Buying a home is exciting, but also incredibly expensive. It’s not the same as buying groceries, where you are familiar with the products and have done it over and over again for years. Buying a home is unique every time you do it. New market conditions create exciting opportunities, your finances and interest rates keep the search interesting, and available properties change daily. 

A list of what I think is most important to consider. 

  1. Never Go at it Alone- get a professional in your corner

    The seller is often responsible for paying the co-operating broker so why wouldn’t you use someone else’s money to utalize the services of a professional. It’s free and it’s a professional dedicated to you and you alone.

    Finding a home is only one part of the equation. With purchase agreements, mortgages, home inspections, easements, legal status to address, it can be complicated. Research suggests, and my experience in the business will tell you that I will save you money in most cases: You have your own professional who knows how to present your offer in the best light for ultimate success.

  2. Do your Homework- Location, Schools, Life  (LSL) 

    Location is often the gateway to schools and your quality of life.  Some important questions to ask yourself--"How will my kids get to school and how will I get to work?", “Where are the schools my children will be attending and are they in the catchment area of our home. It's never to early to be thinking about  primary, middle and secondary schools. “Do the schools fit my child needs educationally “.  “How far is public transportation?” Where are the essentials located- groceries, doctors, hospital, religious centers and recreation areas? Where are sports teams located?  While it is important to be flexible and open minded the older I get and the more experienced I become. Location can transform your day to day.

  3. No Jonesing It - ( Who cares what your friends think because this is only about you)

    I saw first hand and my businesslive thru  the impact of the “ financial “ crisis of 2008 in the US. It’s worldwide impact provided a first hand look at how it impacted families, children, ultimately impacting choices. This experience changed who I am fundamentally, and how I do business. My business model today is predicated on my U.S Real Estate experiences. It’s important to know what you can afford by meeting early with a banking or financial professional. Knowing your future goals will be very helpful, and provide you tremendous peace of mind. Ask yourself, what will you be doing in 10 or 20 years? If you weren’t house burdened, what could you be doing? The biggest lessons for me, my clients and friends since the US 2008 crash is to keep it real!  When you know what is right with you, there is no reason to keep up with the Jones . 

What am I going to do for you? Buyer Relationship

  • FOCUS on combining your wish list with my market knowledge
  • CONNECT you to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) with speed
  • EXPOSE you to my "Hot Sheets", "Inā€House Exclusive" listings, and " Relevant Market Insights"
  • PROVIDE creative, out of the box options to you
  • WORK on your behalf and at your convenience
  • ENSURE on-going communication with a sincere focus on your timeline
  • PERSONALLY GUARANTEED phone off policy (except if my girls have set my home on fire!)
  • PREPARE offers at your request in a timely manner 
  • OFFER strategies and guidance 
  • NEGOTIATE the lowest possible price for you 
  • PROVIDE a list of professionals when a service expert is required
  • ENSURE you are comfortable every step of the way 


  • The right house always comes along at the right time.
  • We will find the perfect house for you, regardless of how long it takes.
  • This is your process and I'm here to help you in any way that I can.
  • Someone will cry. Either outright or in the privacy of their own home during the process of house hunting.
  • Laughing, storytelling and jokes are key to the process of house hunting.
  • I won't abandon you, and throuh it all..... we are going to have some fun!
Questions? Comments?